YEF Prays to Evangelize Fiji : Suva to be the First City to Pioneer

Youth Evangelical Fellowship is preparing to dispatch a volunteer missionary to pioneer the fellowship on the small island nation. The first city to be pioneered will be Suva.

Suva and Nadi are the two biggest cities in Fiji. Many tourists are familiar with Nadi since it is an economic and tourist city. However, Suva is a city of education where three universities are located. There’s also one medical school within the city.

According to the information provided by a Fijian local, many native Fijian students will choose to study in Suva and later work in Nadi upon graduation. Thus the missionary decided to focus on the campus mission in Suva. Upon confirming the city focus, the missionary has started research on the residential situation and the potential space for a church venue.

Prior to departure, the missionary for Fiji is studying the local situations and searching for a potential spot for the mission center.ย Two potential venues were found, very close to the university campus. And through the searching for venue process and communication with the real estate agencies, the missionary also can quickly learn about the situation locally.

Please continue to pray for the missionary as they prepare to make student disciples and more workers for the Kingdom of God!