East Timor Missionary Starts Her First Foot Steps in UNTL; Gives Glory and Honor to God

Under the power of the Holy Spirit and the determination to set up Dili Immanuel Church near the University of Timor Lorosa’e, East Timor Missionary Intern Pastor Isabel set her first footstep in the university on September 3rd, 2022. After her arrival on September 2, she thank God for the guidance and remains steadfast to the Word of God as she is going alone physically and adapting to the new environment and culture of East Timor.

To keep in touch with the worldwide mission, though alone, the missionary remains connected through getting daily updates in the news and she testifies that through the news of other pioneering churches her faith keeps boosting up day by day as the work of the Holy Spirit is constantly revealed in the midst of the churches around the world. She especially felt that today as she has set foot on the top university of Dili city which is the University of Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL).

After her visit to UNTL, the missionary proceeded to walk around the area to search for the church place where Dili Immanuel Church can be registered and dedicated by the grace of God.

East Timor missionary reflected, “Today is a very much awaited day for me personally, because a year ago I only saw the images of UNTL through Google photos, now by the grace of God I can see the young souls in real time studying here. Actually, I felt like every minute of the day is a historic day for East Timor mission. I consider my 25 days here very precious days for me. So each day I am looking forward to where God leads me and how His Holy Spirit will work through me and the situation that lies ahead.

I also thank God for my first attempt to find a church place today near UNTL, because even though the building owners have said that there were no more space, I think God will lead me more to a better place daily as I keep on searching for potential places and follow the lead of God. I pray we can set up a church wherein many souls can come to God and receive salvation from the Lord Jesus Christ and in the near future, they can be future disciples that will also make disciples from all nations.Β 

Since the city is surrounded by the sea, every time you wake up you can see the sun very big and very bright, the ocean gives you a peaceful heart and will make you want to meditate on the Word of God deeply as you look beyond the horizon early in the morning when the sun rises from the east. This is such an amazing glory of God daily! It is so exciting to walk with the Lord each day; what lies beyond I don’t know but one this sure– God is faithful to His promises and the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear (Isaiah 59:1).

Therefore, please let us pray and ask mercy to God together to give us the prepared place for Dili Immanuel church so that we can set up and dedicate the church this month and therefore welcome our future brothers and sisters in Christ in this precious sanctuary.”Β 

The missionary will continue to search for a church place until they can find a suitable one to set up for Dili Immanuel Church. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit for Missionary Isabel and may she continually have good health to actively search for the church to be dedicated this month.