Fiji Pioneering Holds the First Bible Study in the University Campus

The two missionaries spent nearly the whole day evangelizing on the campus of the University of South Pacific. The first Bible study was held with three students attending, learning Romans 1.

The missionaries approached many students and got a lot of good responses. The campus was full of locals and overseas from all corners of the world: Pacific Islands, Australia, China, India, and Europe. Almost at the end of the day, the missionaries met three students (after 5 pm the campus will be very empty). Missionary Gonzalo invited them to study Bible, and they immediately said yes and asked where, and the missionaries replied: “Here!” The students were very joyful and did the Bible study on the spot.


Bible studies are also scheduled for the second day and more new students promised to come. Missionary Gonzalo reflected on the day and shared: “God’s blessing sometimes comes at the last minute. If we endure till the end we will see God’s amazing work.”