YEF Africa Unites through Joyful Fellowship

On Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, the Youth Evangelical Fellowship of Africa (YEF Africa) held a short fellowship night event to unite students from all over Africa as well as awaken students and currently registered members to the goal and focus of the fellowship at this time to fulfill the 153 countries pioneering. Despite some initial network issues, the members could still attend and participate.

The meeting began with a short prayer, and there was sharing time afterward where the attendees introduced themselves and answered some icebreaker questions such as “What Bible character would you be?” and “What do you hope to accomplish in the future.” Through the sharing and discussion time, the YEF Africa leader could learn more about the students and their hopes and goals for the future.

After the sharing time, Minister Anu Samuel briefly shared the vision and spirit of YEF and the current focus of pioneering 153 countries in the world with Africa as the main focus. Admitting that there were many problems of division and conflict in Africa, Minister Anu shared the hope of the Gospel to break down all dividing walls and unite people as brothers and sisters in Christ. She also urged the students to get as involved with YEF as possible and expressed the desire to have more fellowship in person and with many more people.

Overall, six students could attend at this time, students from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Rwanda, Ghana, and Nigeria. There were two more students who also planned to join but could not due to network and personal issues. Please continue to pray for the YEF Africa network and for the students and members to unite more in Christ and be filled with His love.