YEF NA Pre-Chapters “Go Forth!” in Local Mission

This week, students all over the USA have come back to classes at full force. There are thousands of students flooding in even more than last fall because of the improved COVID situation. Because of this, the YEF USA chapters are using this time to push for mass evangelism on their local campuses. This requires a lot of prayer and faith, as a result, YEF NA Representative is hoping and praying that the pre-chapter leaders, members, and volunteers can grow well during this time.

YEF LA was able to set up a booth at the local university, the University of Southern California. During this time, the volunteer member, Ephraim Fan (along with some members from the church who were able to help) was able to gather 44 sign-ups from the students on campus. YEF LA is looking for the ones who God has prepared and will continue to follow up with students who signed and hope to also create this on other campuses nearby. Prayers are requested for the 44 students and the future management and growth of the club.

YEF Nashville was able to evangelize several days this week in hopes of gathering good students for bible study. So, far Brother Vashni was able to meet up with a few students to have an onsite bible study. There is much anticipation for the new students. Brother Vashni is also hoping to find an advisor to make and establish a club on his campus. Prayers are requested for more students to gather and one campus advisor to be found.

YEF Maryland is being developed at the University of Maryland with the help of Brother Caleb who has been confirmed to be a Pre-Chapter Leader. He will evangelize from next week and continue to receive guidance and training from the YEF NA Leader. He is very passionate and has a deep heart for prayer. Please pray for his growth and development of the chapter in Maryland.

YEF Orlando is currently developing the University of Central Florida Chapter, the North America Leader is evangelizing 3 times a week and has confirmed 9 students to join bible study for next week. She will continue to evangelize and invite students. She is hoping to find serious students to set up as RCM and CM as soon as possible. Please keep this in your prayers.

For Atlanta, YEF is currently developing 3 chapters : YEF Georgia Tech, YEF Emory, and YEF Georgia State University (YEF GSU). YEF GA Tech students, are working to teach once a week while co-working with the local Atlanta Bethel Community Church to evangelize on their campus. YEF GSU has received a few from indirect evangelism. There are currently more than 15 students who are interested and 6 students who have already started bible study. Lastly, YEF Emory is developing with the help of Brother John Lin who is currently serving as a student leader on his campus. He is also indirectly evangelizing with bible study sign-up boards and hosting weekly bible studies with students on Saturdays. The YEF NA Leader asks for prayers for the development of each chapter so that the members can grow well spiritually and also have many fruits from the evangelization of many students. May the North America mission for YEF grow.