YEF UK Concluded August with Repentance and Gratitude, Welcome September with New Vision and Plans

At the end of August, the Youth Evangelical Fellowship UK chapter evaluated the past month and made plans for the coming September. The fellowship chapter thanks God for His continued work through the chapter and for many lessons learned. The leader, Faith Young, also expressed repentance and hopes to continue greater strides and bigger dreams in the mission.

Thankfulness in August:

1. 9 newcomers, among which 2 are evangelized on site, there are 7 through Instagram, transferred two to have onsite Bible study successfully.

2. YEF UK has 4 regular Bible students so far. And Guilherme has been transferred to YEF Brazil perfectly and has done one more Bible study with the minister there.

3. Instagram reached the goal of 500 followers, which is 502 in total.

Repentance : The minister hopes to focus on the people who can be the bridge to bring the revival of the U.K.

Plans in September:

1. Focus on more online Evangelism, in which the minister can have deep conversations with the people, who are native and can be transferred to have Bible study on-site. Praying that 3 newcomers can be added each week, and 5 can be regular Bible students.

2. Lead current students to finish Romans 8 and the Four Spiritual laws.

3. The Instagram followers reach 1000 followers.

M. Faith thanks God for everything that He has done. In the new month, may the minister work with God to bring more native people back to God. May God lead every step of the minister to meet the prepared ones as Peter met Cornelius.