YEFK Held a Weekday Evangelism at Yonsei University

Recently, YEF Korea held a weekday evangelism meeting at the Yonsei University campus. Despite the hot weather, it was a time of gratitude for being able to preach the Gospel together.

These days, YEFK is in the process of renewing its website, working on SNS, and installing signage outside the center. All of this is to clearly inform others of the organization and contain many of those looking for the deeper Word of God. During evangelism, the leaders and members distributed flyers and actively introduced YEF and its Bible study on Romans.

The members who participated in the evangelism meeting shared, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been to come out for evangel

ism, but I was proud and happy to stand in the place of preaching the Gospel.”

“I am grateful to be able to freely spread the Gospel, and now I am concentrating on world missions. I pray to find souls who have commission of mission, and I want to be more diligent in evangelism.”

Written by Juri Kimย