YEF Mongolia Joined Mongolian Church’s Picnic for National Holiday with Joy

The members of the Mongolian church rested together for fun and a picnic on their national holiday. YEF potential member Shijirbat and active Bible student Uuganbaatar also participated. This is the first time they have participated in the activities of the church. They received a lot of grace and joy from the blessed time together with many others going on the path of faith.

The ministers of the local church shared, “We were happy to see the wonderful scene of unity in the Lord, thankful for the love and service of the members. We are grateful to God that the brothers have opened their hearts and joined together to see the image of God’s kingdom.”

The two visiting potential members shared, “It felt like the kingdom of God on earth. Everything was so filled with love. Delicious food, friendly games, and all the activities were very touching. We have become closer, like a family. We are so happy to join.”

Please pray for them to commit their lives to the kingdom of God.