Regular Bible Student’s Faith Grows Stronger While Finishing Romans 6

On September 9th,2022, a Bible student Mickael completed the Romans 6 Bible study filled with grace. His faith continues to grow stronger as he

realizes that justification is only the first step; we must also follow the path to sanctification.


The following is his reflection:

Instead of sinning, we should become “united to Christ.” Only those who are united to Christ’s death can become united to Christ’s life. “the truth willset you free.” The truth sanctifies my body. That’s why I need to study the Bible. I need to know the truth thoroughly. My body sins because it is outside the control of truth. I’d like to come to church more often to learn the Bible. I feel I’m growing by eating the Word of God.

Please keep Mickael in your prayer. May he build up a firm foundation of faith through Romans Bible Study.