YEF Africa Leader Shares Reflection on Leaving the USA

As the Youth Evangelical Fellowship of Africa (YEF Africa) will move to Africa to begin local mission there, she shares her reflection on the time she has spent in the US and especially at the Youth Evangelical Fellowship Headquarters :

I cannot believe it has been five years. I never once expected that I would be returning home as a missionary but I believe God has been leading my life and calling me to this even since the beginning. During my time in the US, I have come to realize the depth and breadth of God’s love, grace, and mercy. Knowing and accepting that I am a sinner who deserves nothing, who was an enemy of the Lord has now been transformed into a child of God. Even though I have been Christian all my life, I did not realize this deep truth for a very long time.

When I first left Nigeria, it was unexpected, no one planned that I would be making such a journey. Initially, I intended to study medicine and become a Doctor so that I could go back to Africa and provide aid to people. Somehow God turned this passion into something more powerful for His Kingdom. And now I can return as a spiritual Doctor by the grace of God. As I left Nigeria, I had a strong desire to start an organization where youth could come together and learn about Christ. Little did I know that God had already planned everything ahead of time. When I heard that YEF wanted to start a club at my local university, I was excited and joyfully accepted to become a member and serve as the Vice-President.

Although there were many tough times in Atlanta, I was always encouraged by leaders and reminded of God’s promise and providence through them. When YEF HQ moved to Florida, I came along not really knowing why I was there or what I was doing so because of this I rebelled and found it hard to adjust. My attitude and thinking were very wrong and I became even more legalistic.

I am so thankful to the leaders at YEF HQ – Pastor Danielle, Pastor Chris, and Pastor Eunice for their discipline, guidance, and love. Through them, God could break down all my walls and change me fundamentally. They each personally played a role in my growth in Christ and I am so blessed that God placed me in this Fellowship and church with such great and Spirit-filled leaders. The opportunity to be at and unite at the Headquarters was truly a blessing and much needed. Through this, I could understand the purpose for which God has called me and how to live a life that is pleasing to God. I am still learning, but I have been filled with so much grace and joy that I cannot wait to share this with my people in Africa. I am humbled that God has chosen such an insufficient one like me, and continues to show His unyielding love and mercy to me. I am grateful for the great leaders and members who continued to set up faith and taught me how to truly follow Christ.

YEF’s mission is to “make who make more disciples”, I pray that my life now in Africa can truly fulfill this time and that God can use me to raise many more disciples in this beloved continent of Africa. All I can express is my deep gratitude to our church community, my Fellowship leaders and members and above all to God for these past five years. I can firmly say now that I am ready to completely devote my life to God and make disciples of all nations.Β