YEF HQ Bible Student Reflects on True Knowledge and Life in Romans 10 Study

A student from The University of Central Florida, Matthew, continues Bible studies with YEF HQ and was blessed by the message of Romans 10 and how it teaches how Paul the Apostle discovered the Jews who did not believe in Jesus Christ had a zeal for God but not that through knowledge. There are many levels of knowledge, the top of which can be attained is the knowledge of the grace of God. Under that is the knowledge of the Law, to which the Jews were very well acquainted, but many lacked the knowledge of God. Further below that are earthly kinds of knowledge.

After the Bible study, he expressed that the message was very deep and it was a lot to absorb. He testified about the study and how he wishes to apply it to his life,

“I will spend my life learning more and more about God, not only in Church on Sundays or in Bible study but every single day. Every day I will experience new things, and I can seek to learn from their knowledge of God, for He is in everything. This knowledge is the greatest thing I can ever learn, so it is always exciting to learn more, and I donโ€™t see myself ever growing weary or bored of it. It is a knowledge I will always hunger for, always seeking more, and I am forever thankful for even having the opportunity to learn it.”