Brother Uuganbaatar Committed to the Kingdom of God by Godโ€™s Grace in YEF Mongolia

On September 9th, brother Uuganbaatar of YEF Mongolia committed to the kingdom of God by God’s grace. He is 21 years old, a student of Mongolian University Science of Technology. He has started 40 days journey and has been studying the Word of God daily with a sincere heart. He has completed studying the Four Spiritual Laws, the Ancestor of the Faith, and the Path of the Cross. After hearing these messages, he decided and determined to commit himself to the building up of God’s kingdom.

The Mongolian leaders blessed him with Bible verses and testified to him with excited hearts. He brought much comfort to all leaders with his diligence and sincere heart to follow the Word of God and His will in his life, even though at time it was difficult. They prepared cake and had a great time on his special day.

He shared : I am very happy to be a committed member today. Even though I still have some worries, I believe that God is with me so that I can go forward towards God’s kingdom and move forward on the path of faith. I want to overcome Satan’s temptations and walk obediently for God’s kingdom with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Bro. Uuganbaatar desires to raise the youth with the Word of God by passing on the grace that he’s received. May he be God’s coworker with great hope and may the Holy Spirit raise him with mature faith to be a good teacher to guide the lost souls of God with the Word of the Lord.