YEF Grows with Three Regular Bible Students in Melbourne

Bible studies were held with three Bible students recently in Melbourne. YEF Melbourne CM, Brother William, is actively teaching them. This comes after a time of some difficulties in evangelizing on campus. By God’s grace, those who leave their contact and express their interest are truly interested in studying the Word of God together.

This week, Brother William in Melbourne began holding separate Bible studies with three college students. He testified that it is now easier to evangelize on campus than before, and he even had students approaching him during the Bible studies, eager to join the Bible study group. Truly it’s the work of the Holy Spirit that allows this grace to come. As YEF Melbourne spends more time on campus teaching Bible studies, they believe that God counts every footstep that is planned on Deakin University campus. The fellowship will continue filling the water jars until there is a complete quality change on this campus.

May the Holy Spirit lead the Melbourne mission to breakthroughs and growth.