YEF Maryland, UCF, and Emory Pushes Forward in Mission

As the first few weeks continue to progress, these YEF Chapters are pushing forward to evangelize and break through in the most crucial time. The fall semester for USA students is very important because students are coming back from the summer break. Not to mention that many students have been joining online classes until now and as juniors and seniors in their continued majors they must come to join in-person classes.

This is beneficial for the Pre-Chapters because they can reach all kinds of students; graduates, freshmen, seniors, etc. This week has been very hopeful. For YEF Emory, Brother John is still evangelizing through signboard and is daily receiving students who want to join. He was able to meet with 4 new brothers who were interested in bible study on his campus. Brother John will continue to evangelize and teach bible study every Saturday.

YEF Maryland is deeply receiving an understanding of how to truly rely on God doing the time of evangelism. Especially this week, he was able to go and evangelize by himself for the first time. Then later on in the week, he was able to evangelize with Pastor Gloria from Elim who has helped to raise him together with the YEF NA Leader Rani. He learned a lot through his time of evangelism with her. The leader will continue to help him and guide him so that he can grow throughout his time of mission at the University of Maryland.

One brother from the University of Central Florida, Brother Asa is starting to be more active and receptive to bible studies. He is now learning the book of Romans and so far, he has already finished up until Romans 2. He is studying the bible twice a week, takes diligent notes, and attends Sunday service. Brother Matthew is also from UCF and is growing more and more every day through daily bible studies. Please pray for these students.

The YEF North America Representative, Rani Reid is requesting prayers for the development of these chapters and all the chapters in North America (including LA, GT, GSU, and Nashville). May God continue to lead and guide many more good souls to YEF NA!