Nigeria Holds First Joint On-Campus Bible Study with YEF Africa

On Monday, 26th September 2022, the Olivet Assembly of Nigeria, together with the Youth Evangelical Fellowship of Africa (YEF Africa), was able to hold the first joint on-campus Bible study at the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

At first, they forgot to announce the Bible study on time to the students, so they were a little concerned that none of them would come. However, they decided to set up great faith and proceed. By God’s Grace, two students from the Confucius institute, Victoria and Ewaoluwa could join at this time. Together, they studied Romans 3:21-32 and learned about the necessity of believing in Jesus to be saved.

After the Bible study, they also discussed the need to share the Gospel with Muslims. Lagos is a big melting pot where both Muslims and Christians are gathered; therefore, we have been given a great opportunity to minister to them. Pastor Abraham also shared his calling to reach out to Muslims and unbelievers. Sister Ewaoluwa comes from a family with primarily Muslims, and she herself was a Muslim until secondary school.

“My Mom asked me to choose between Christianity and Islam, and as I was studying the Bible, I came upon a verse that said, ‘Jesus is the way, the truth and life no one comes unto the Father except through Him.” That verse changed me and finalized my decision to become a Christian,’ she shared.


Overall, they concluded that even if sharing the Gospel with Muslims was difficult; it was not impossible.

Initially, Minister Anu had also planned to evangelize on campus that day but was deterred by the rain and lack of students outside. She kept praying for the rain to stop before the Bible studies and hoped to find at least one person. However, something amazing happened after the Bible study, they had asked one of the people there to help with the group picture, and he inquired about Bible study. His name was Amara, and although not able to attend On-site Bible study as he is not a UNILAG student, he expressed his interest in coming to online Bible studies and has been in contact with Minister Anu. It was really the amazing grace of God who hears prayers and answers according to His will.

“I was so surprised but so touched by God’s grace; I didn’t even have to do much; God just sent this brother to us,” the minister shared, thankful for God’s grace and mercy.