YEF South Africa Begins Local Campus Evangelism

By the grace of God, Youth Evangelical Fellowship South Africa (YEF) could take a step forward in local evangelism by posting flyers on campus inviting university students to Bible studies. YEF South Africa Volunteer Member Thakgafatso Makofane recently began her second year at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. She began Bible studies with YEF Africa last year and has become an active member of the fellowship.

In order to increase local evangelism, especially in South Africa, YEF Africa asked Thakgafatso if she would be able to put up some Bible study flyers on campus and if she could be the contact point for interested students. Thakgafatso agreed and although there were some issues initially with printing the flyers, she was able to put up the flyers this week.

YEF hopes this can be a fruitful start to finding more students at the local university and raising up leaders in South Africa which plays a major part overall in the Southern part of Africa. For now, students found from the University of Pretoria will begin having Bible studies with Thakgafatso until Romans 4, after which the YEF Africa Leader will take over and teach them from there. YEF also hopes to offer the option of on-campus Bible studies if possible. In the long term, the hope is that Thakgafatso can teach all the Bible studies and even be set up as a Committed Member before the end of this year.

Please continue to pray for South Africa