YEF UCF Bible Study Students and Members Share the Heart of Evangelism

On Sunday, 3 brothers from UCF were able to join Sunday Service and receive abundant grace from the message given by the pastor of the local church. They reflected on the heart of true prayer and what it means to have true faith in Mark 9:14-29.

After receiving the message, they came to share the grace that they received. Brother Alex gained a deeper heart to grow through bible studies and even evangelize. He seemed to better understand the meaningfulness and heart of walking this path of faith than before. He will again begin bible studies. He also shared his heart of wanting to evangelize and testify his faith to others. Please pray that he can continue on with this heart and change fundamentally at this time.

Another brother Asa, who also attended previously on and off has recently become more serious in pursuing his faith. He participated in bible study last week with Minister Rani Reid. He was able to finish up until Romans 2. The leader is running quickly to teach him quickly and set him up as a registered chapter member and prayerfully a committed member. Please pray for this. Brother Elijah was also able to join as well. The leader is continuing to pray for him in hopes that he too can join and grow in faith together.

This was a very gracious time for them and a time really blessed by God. They were able to meet many members and pastors of this church community and receive an understanding and testimony of what it looks like to live a path following God. Brother Matthew is also growing well with the help of YEF HQ Leaders. Please pray for him as he continues on in bible studies and growing on his path of faith.

YEF UCF is showing great potential for good future leaders of the next generation. The leaders are requesting prayers for their continuous growth and heart for mission.