YEF UK Teaches Christian Who Converted from Hinduism

YEF had one Bible study with a Christian student who converted from Hinduism on September 26th, 2022. Bro. Art was evangelized via Instagram. Because he was under his parents’ watch, he couldn’t have Bible study at that time. However, after he was settled at his university, he immediately contacted the minister.

The first Bible study, centered on Romans 1, was held in the morning. Art said ‘Amen’ as he read the passage. He admitted that Apostle Paul depicted sins so accurately. All of these things reside within him. He was thankful that God had led him to Jesus Christ so that he could be saved. None of the Hindu gods could forgive him. He also stated that his eyes were enlightened to the message that the God of the Bible genuinely cares. God called heaven and earth to keep us from sinning. Because he understands that sins harm us. We will be miserable if we abandon him.

Art is fresh to the faith. The minister hoped to shape him into a positive habit by inviting him to Bible study in the morning before his day started, encouraging him to dedicate the first time of the day to the Lord. Kart was overjoyed to accept this offer and eager to attend more Bible study gatherings.

Please remember Art in your prayers; through Romans teachings, he can lay a solid foundation of faith.