YEF Africa Sets Up New Volunteer Team, Building Up Students in Faith

In the final week of the month, Youth Evangelical Fellowship Africa (YEF Africa) began an initiative to recruit more students to serve as volunteers in assisting in social media evangelism and Bible study management. After discovering the great need to regularly remind students about upcoming Bible studies and events. YEF Africa reached out to their current pool of Bible study students and members to serve as Volunteer members. The fellowship was at least praying for one or two students, but surprisingly, seven students responded with a desire to help.

The students who signed up are from Nigeria, Cameroon, Burundi, Zambia, Uganda, and three from Malawi. As some of these students have only attended Bible study once, YEF Africa took the time to explain to them again the vision and mission of YEF and what it means to become a volunteer. As normally, volunteering is typically reserved for Registered Chapter Members (RCM) and above; those who have met the requirements and have an interest in becoming RCM will be asked to sign the Registration form soon, while the others will be encouraged to do their best to continue to attend Bible studies regularly. They will be allowed to serve and guided to become Registered Members as soon as possible.

The roles that need to be filled are that of Social Media Manager, which two students have shown some interest in. Their jobs will be to post and share content on the YEF Africa page, respond to messages, research the best ways for online evangelism for specific countries, and possibly initiate online evangelism. The second role is sending reminders, which two other students have already shown interest in. The role will involve sending messages to Bible study groups to remind them of upcoming Bible studies and events such as retreats. The last role is for someone to follow up with evangelism contacts and set up Bible study times with them. Currently, one brother from Nigeria is already assisting with this, and a sister from Malawi will also help with this.

The volunteer team in total is now twelve, including the YEF Africa Representative. Two student leader that have done the teaching and shepherding training are serving on the teaching team, with one also serving on the design and evangelism team, and another doing follow-ups. Please pray for the students volunteering to be protected spiritually and physically and for this to be an opportunity for their faith in Christ to grow even stronger.