YEF Hong Kong Holds Full Day Bible Study, Members Strengthened by Word of God

YEF Hong Kong held a whole day of Bible study on the first of October.ย  Three young students joined and studied Genesis chapters 3 and 4. Pastor Nathan led them to meditate on both Creation and the sins of Adam and Cain. They received grace through God’s Word and sincerely wrote their reflections.

Sister Kari understood how the devil lies to us and makes us misunderstand God. Now she knows that God’s commandment is to protect her instead of confining her. God gives her true freedom and so she needs God’s word as guidance and protection.

Brother Charlie wrote,

“An angel turned [in]to the devil and as it changed, became arrogant.ย  Man is arrogant and easily changes. Lord Jesus shows us true unchanging love and humbleness. Mankind all felln and we can never rely on ourselves. To restore, I can only rely on the Lord.”

Sister Grace reflected on the original sin and understands that it is important for people of God to separate good from evil.

“It is crucial to abide in the vine.ย  Jesus has defeated the devil and by His power and grace, I can have victory,” she adds.

The full day study was overflowing with grace. May Holy Spirit continue to work in everyone’s heart and strengthen them with power from the Lord.