Melbourne New Hope Community Church Joined YEF to Have BBQ Fellowship at Deakin Uni

YEF leader William invited students to join a bi-monthly bbq event, he was grateful for God’s providence with beautiful weather and godly coworkers. He invited P. Gonzalo from New Hope Community Church as a speaker to give a short talk. From this event, one student confirmed to start bible study next Monday.

Yesterday, both the weather and pollen level was mild and students who came enjoyed games, talks, and fellowship. P.Gonzalo shared about the purpose of life and how we can be in unity in diversity.

“We are all different, but there is one thing which is common in all of us, that is the image of God, and this image is love.”

YEF hopes to have more collaborations with the church in the coming future and have more young faces in the church to walk together and build the Kingdom of God.