Online Evangelism for Pohnpei, Micronesia

Most of all students travel outside of the island to continue or finish their studies due to the lack of the education system and resources on the island. Common places that they go to study are Guam, Hawaii, and some states within the USA.

According to Operation World,
“A large proportion of the population is Protestant, the result of a century of ministry by US Congregationals and the German Liebenzell Mission, but nominalism and cronyism in leadership are widespread. Pray for revival among these long-standing groups. Pray also for the newer, fast-growing Pentecostal groups – negotiating the tension between traditional Micronesian culture and biblical practice is not straightforward.”

However, there is hope that these students can also be reached along with students on the island with online evangelism. There are several ways that YEF North America wishes to evangelize including Facebook and Instagram ads, one-to-one evangelism, promotion of the page to Micronesians and more. In these ways of evangelism, the region wants to focus more specifically on promoting bible teachers and bible studies; using the terminology biblical education or biblical studies.

In these studies, students will deeply study the book of Romans and 4 spiritual laws. After this, it would be good if they can join a local or regional program or retreat. The leader is brainstorming more about this part. Please pray that this can be done well and effectively. May many students come to be leaders from Micronesia.