Yanghwajin Foreign Missionary Cemetery, “I Would Rather Be Buried in Korea Than in Westminster Abbey”

This quote was said by Homer B. Hulbert whose grave lies in the cemetery in Yanghwajin, South Korea. YEF NA Representative P. Rani Reid found this time of visiting the grave site to be very graceful and give her a lot of wisdom and understanding. She was able to deeply reflect upon what it means to be a missionary. Many missionaries came to Korea to preach the Good News but they also died there and many were killed or killed from illnesses without being about to return to their countries. To be a missionary means that you give your whole life to the people you are trying to reach.Β 

There is a humbleness that one must reach. To lower yourself even until the point of death so that others can have life. This is the life that the missionaries lived to come to Korea and in their lives, one can see the heart of Jesus. In this one can come to truly recognize what it means to be a missionary.

One other thing that was very impressive to Leader Rani was the fact that there was an infant part of the graveyard where many young infants died; a lot of them being less than 1 year old. The tragedies and sufferings of the missionaries who came to spread the Gospel are endless but these happenings never stopped them from preaching the Gospel and it is because of this that there are so many beautiful universities, top colleges, top high schools, and hospitals. By God allowing missionaries to go there and preach the good news, Korea was really blessed. One quote said, “For God so loved Korea”

Through this time, the leader came to understand deeply the importance of this church foundation being in Korea and what role this church plays in the development of its mission in Korea. P. Rani also came to realize that she too wants to carry this same heart in evangelizing many students and young people from the US to be sent out as missionaries all across the world.

May God continue to bless Korea and all missionaries in their designated mission fields.