YEF International Celebrates 30 Years of God’s Grace at WGA

Youth Evangelical Fellowship International celebrates 30 graceful years of God’s history at the World General Assembly on October 30th 2022. By God’s continued grace, He has led the churches and fellowships as one body with one spirit over the years. The members were blessed by the testimonies and stories of many senior leaders and touched by the testimony of the World Evangelical Alliance and well-known pastors in Korea. The greatness of God was abundantly clear and evident during this day full of blessings and congratulations.

Now looking towards the next 30 years in history, just as the community was led in His presence, Youth Evangelical Fellowship prays to continue this history together and be used in building up the magnificent Kingdom of God “in the earth as it is in heaven”. May God continue to bless World Olivet Assembly and YEF to be those passionately called to be the pipeline of blessing upon this Earth.