YEF International Shares Plans to Build Up 1000 Cities in the Next Year

Youth Evangelical Fellowship wishes to begin a tighter connection with all international members to begin worldwide revival, especially in the beginning movement of 1000 cities.

In raising members in order to facilitate this, they plan to lead each student through training in the stages of member, disciple, shepherd, and leader. This will lead to newer chapters and mission centers within the 153 Countries. YEF has the vision of developing the members count by expanding the fellowship in the 153 countries and then developing far-reaching goals of the 1000 city movement, through which God can work.

One of the focuses for the next year is an education system that is centered on the idea of leadership. The fastest multiplication model proven in mission history is discipleship leading to leadership. As a campus fellowship, the question is how to raise native student leaders faster. The first step is to make evangelism and teaching more accessible to young students. Including graceful students earlier on in evangelism and teaching (online and offline), not only increases the number of Bible studies but aids in their active growth into committed members and workers for the Kingdom of God. Through this multiplication model, more students are evangelized and sent out to do mission works and evangelize more students, which will soon begin to dispatch to cities within the 1000-city network.