YEF UK RCM Starts Bible Teacher Training Program

Youth Evangelical Fellowship UK started the Bible teacher training program for a registered memberย  by teaching his friend. His friend was someone who didn’t know about Jesus, but the member shared the Gospel with him and led him to accept Jesus as his Savior. However, he felt he couldn’t continue to support him, so he took him to a Bible study at the church.

The minister explained to the young member the teaching methods and the shepherd’s heart before their Bible study meeting which was based on Romans 1. The entire meeting went smoothly, and Jesse kept everything the minister had shared with him.

The following is a reflection of the member as a Bible teacher:

I think it went nicely was nice to see it from the teacher’s point of view I was also able to relearn nice things.
Also seeing D’mar open up more about how he relates to some things I now know what I need to care too in terms of what help he may need and how I can help him and support
The prayer at the start gave me insight into what he’s also struggling with so checking in on him will be much different now with a new focus.

His friend’s reflection on Romans 1 is the following:

Today we went over Romans and the deeper meaning [behind] the book. It begins to talk about how unbelievers and the unrighteous will surely face the wrath of God. It talks about how the evidence of God is all around us and lists many examples such as how we love, our conscience, inner morals, and so on, and yet some of us still deny God. It then begins to talk about idolatry, how we as humans ALL follow and idolize something, if it is not God it could be money, power, woman, sex, etc. this is why it was written in the commandments you shall not have any idols. Man chooses to put their faith in these worldly things oblivious to the truth that surrounds them every day. It concluded with the question will you decide to put your trust in Jesus Christ today which is very powerful because anything aside from Jesus Christ is sinful in nature, anything you choose to put your faith in is surely wrong and will surely not satisfy your soul.

Please pray that Jesse and D’mar will grow well and bring the UK revival with this mustard seed.