Indian Student Prayer Answered Through YEF International Bible Study

Through Instagram Ads, Youth Evangelical Fellowship HQ met another student from India, Steena. She shared that the day she saw the YEF ad, she was going through a very difficult time,

“But instead of going to God, as I should, I went to Instagram to try to be numb. It was then that I saw your ad about Bible studies. I felt this must be God leading me to the right thing. I was born and raised in a Pentacostal family in India. I was taught Bible ever since I was a kid. But I never learnt it genuinely. But now it’s high time I need to learn and understand what the Scripture means and says.”

When joining, her teacher, Danielle White, began with prayer and introduced herself and the ministry. Steena also introduced herself and also shared that she would be going to Latvia for her Master’s and before going wanted to find a Bible study and a good church there. After this, they studied Romans 1 together. She shared that what touched her heart was that Paul examined, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel” then in the time period and hardship he went through. Growing up in a place of many Hindus and Muslims, at times she felt embarrassed about her family’s faith. Through the study, she came to realize this is incorrect and even sinful. The one true God is clearly seen in this world, so why should she be ashamed of the truth?

After the study, Steena expressed her thankfulness for the study and eagerness to continue.

“It’s so different from other studies I’ve been to before, because I get to read along with you and speak up if I have any questions. I really enjoyed our time together.”

They’ve set the time to begin meeting twice a week. Danielle also hopes to perhaps connect her to the missionaries in Latvia as she comes to know Steena better. Please continue to pray for her, her attendance, and the continued online evangelism efforts.