YEF Hefei, China Welcomes One Full-time Minister : Shares Beautiful Testimony

Brother Xu of the YEF Hefei chapter decided to take the path of disciples and participate full-time in the mission. Before returning to Beijing from Hefei, the YEF China pastor visited the place where Brother Xu worked and talked to him about full-time service. The pastor answered Xu’s questions and worries one by one. After the conversation, it was confirmed that Brother Xu would first preach and shepherd while working, and then re-establish the chapter when there are stable Bible students.

But when the pastor returned to Beijing, Brother Xu told him that he had decided to resign from his job and take the path of full-time service and had given his boss his resignation. The YEF China pastor was surprised to hear this and asked him how he decided. After listening to his sharing, the pastor felt that the Holy Spirit had already done good work in him, and he did not quench the Spirit, so he made a timely decision to respond to the Lord’s call.

Regarding resignation to take the path of full-time service, this is what Brother Xu shared:

“There will be a lot to consider about the decision to resign. My supervisor said: ‘This job has a lot of requirements for academic qualifications and majors, and generally many people want to get it but cannot. Did you choose that path because of your short-lived faith? There are people who have believed for a long time but have not committed to full time mission.”

I can’t answer this question rationally, but my life has changed and experienced this way. What could be more important than bringing the soul back on track? The supervisor later asked me how I will take care of my parents, evangelism is not profitable. Although there is no money, for me, the most important thing is that my parents have peace of mind, if this era is a good era, ordinary people should be able to live well, but today there is a lot of anxiety, as an ordinary person, life is very stressful. This needs to be improved slowly, if people do not have God’s Word, the rich will get richer, the poor will be poorer, and if people have words in mind, these conditions will slowly get better.

I’m also asking myself, what do I want to focus on? There are a lot of places to explore and dig in my work, which can quite satisfy my curiosity. The faith did not last long, and the ability to evangelize was not well established. But what exactly is my benchmark for measuring both? After thinking about it, it should be the difficulty and meaning of both. The difficulty of the former is whether I can complete the project, and maybe it will not be long before I can complete the project completely. As a colleague said, isn’t it good for you to work for two or three years and then quit?

The difficulty of the latter lies in the time and effort required, but isn’t this something that every young person has? What is there to worry about? Although I changed fields, there are some that I am not familiar with, but I firmly believe that I can do a good job.

The significance of the former is that the more you explore, the greater the ability, and the higher the salary. As the supervisor said: “Wouldn’t it be better if you work hard for a few more years to improve your ability to work, and then you will have a high salary and more time to spare, so that you can preach the gospel again?” In fact, if this is the case, the mentality will be very different at that time, and people must not serve two masters. The meaning of the latter is that it is walking the way to heaven, and it is also in line with the voice of my heart. I hope God will continue to lead.”

Thank the Lord for His election, foreknowledge, and guidance of Brother Xu, who has pure and honest faith in the Lord. May the Lord bless the brother with his dedication, nurture and use him, and make him a channel of blessing through which many souls may receive salvation and blessing from the Lord.