YEF HQ Meets with Spanish Speaking Members to Unite to Build Spanish Network

Youth Evangelical Fellowship HQ met with South American members, Sis. Jhanet Lomar (from Bolivia) and Sis. Yessica Narvaez (From Colombia). With the help of Pastor Josephine from Immanuel Houston Church in translation, they met to fellowship and get to know one another, and unite to increase the effectiveness of YEF South American and Spanish-speaking missions.

After introducing themselves, where they were currently, and what they were doing in their mission fields, General Secretary, Danielle White, explained the purpose of the meeting. Something that was emphasized in the meeting was the hope for YEF South American and Spanish-speaking members to meet more often; to collaborate and get new mission ideas from one another. In this way, a solidified network can allow better and greater flow in missions between YEF chapters.

“We are more united together!,” Danielle encouraged.

They were motivated to share creative ideas in evangelism and in bringing in more souls. Another point was to write articles every day. It’s about recording history and love. Other members are very encouraged to see news from many different places. So they were pushed to remember to write every day, as well as, keep up communication with HQ. YEF HQ will continue these meetings to strengthen the connection with Spanish speaking chapter until a true continental leader is found. Please continue to pray for the growth of the South American mission and the part of YEF in this.