Macau Mission Conducts Three Ways to Challenge to Reach Higher Goals

On January 19, Macau mission leaders gathered for brainstorming to achieve the yearly goal of raising 70 members, there are three ways they proposed to conduct in the near future in order to reach the higher goals in 2023. Even if it seems impossible to achieve in a year, mission leaders would like to set up stronger faith before God as they were encouraged by joining the first Asia Pacific prayer meeting this year, saying: “the Lord is glad to see we set up faith to challenge those higher goals.”

With this encouragement, mission leaders figured out a proposed solution, conducting three ways: the church, YEF, and praise mission to expedite mission development, just like a scripture saying: “a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” Therefore, mission leaders broke the overall goals into three, aiming to reach 24 members each. Then, totally they are able to break the number of 70.

In order to have these possible, the first step is to set up leaders for YEF to move everything forward.ย For youth and campus missions, mission leaders asked for prayer to have potential leaders found in near future. There are two possible options to go with besides evangelizing Bible students, one is to recruit volunteer members, and another is to provide a job offer as a youth minister, through these, mission leaders are able to require them to study the Word intensively in order to serve well. Their goal is to set up a YEF leader by Easter.

Meanwhile, mission leaders also highlighted having at least 12 active Bible students with efforts and prayer, then helping them grow efficiently in groups not individually, so that they propose to speed up the process of raising Bible students to registered members. After being registered members, they will be assigned positions to service in fellowship and join further Bible studies in groups to grow to the next level of membership, eventually to be true disciples of Jesus the Lord.