YEF Brothers Help and Join in Sunday Service and Fellowship

January 16th 2023 – After service at Bethany Community Church, the members gathered in the Youth Evangelical Fellowship Chapel for fellowship and to celebrate member YD member Bror and P. Eunice of YEF spiritual birthdays. P. Eunice turned 15 years old and Bro. Bror celebrated his first year of commitment surrounded by Florida members.

The fellowship was pleased to host the Sunday fellowship and hopes to use the chapel areas more often in the future. Through this time, Bro. Elijah and Asa helped to set up chairs after service, as membership in Florida continues to grow. Altogether 20 chairs were placed and the members could reflect on the thankfulness of many members and helpers to joined in this celebration at this time. Brother Matthew also joined in the festivities, signing the card and wishing continued blessings upon both P. Eunice and Bro. Bror.

Please continue to pray for continued growth and for the YEF brothers.