YEF Orlando Gather for Unity in Saturday Fellowship and Sports Fellowship on Sunday

During this time, members met for fellowship to meditate on the word of God on Saturday evening and continued growing to get to know one another. On Sunday, they also came to participate in sports fellowship together after Sunday Service.ย These days members are joining more fellowship gatherings in the afternoon while joining in bible studies and prayer during the week. In this, they are able to grow through learning the Word of God in their relationship with God and then growing in their relationship with each other in Christ.

Each brother has their own situation both spiritually and physically and now there are some obstacles that could potentially block them from continuing to grow. Prayers are asked for these blocks to be removed so that they will not be stopped in their growth and continue to grow in the word of God and come to be a part of this body of Christ.

Intern Pastor Rani Reid and leaders of YEF are planning and praying that they can join a full retreat as soon as possible to be used as ammunition and a climax point of their growth. Please pray for all members of the fellowship.