YEF Singapore Refreshes Onsite Posters at NUS, Seeking for Prepared Souls

Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Singapore Intern Pastor Deborah Foong refreshed onsite posters for evangelism at the National University of Singapore (NUS) campus with the hope of finding prepared souls.

The new posters are designed to invite students to try daily bible studies as a challenge to becoming extraordinary believers by doing the smallest things.ย It is hoped that the competitive spirit of typical NUS students in studying their secular materials, can be similarly driven towards trying to study the bible daily. In turn, students can see how God can truly work in their lives by committing to God daily.

YEF Singapore is also continuing to refresh its online evangelism strategy with the renewal of its Instagram page.

Through utilizing new ways of updating the Instagram page that is more similar and trendy to the youths in Singapore, it is hoped that it would be a way to attract more youths to view the Instagram page and follow it closely. Additionally, the content and identity of YEF Singapore have been updated to share God’s heart in revitalizing the youths of Singapore to become passionate and extraordinary believers who can truly reveal God’s power in them.

More prayers will be focused on developing online evangelism in this month of February with the heart to evangelize the prepared local university students and find the best and quickest mass evangelism strategy.

May God lead and bless the evangelism strategies to find the prepared souls in Singapore through the work of the Holy Spirit, bringing prepared souls daily and leading many diligent and prepared students to be evangelized for His Kingdom.