Day Two of the WEA Consultation Brings Perspective on Deeper Love and Care for International Missionaries

In the second day of the World Evangelical Alliance Consultation, the topics of women in mission and ministry and local ex-pat missionaries were brought up and those in participation asked a number of questions about how to change the negative language and narrative so often painted for these two groups. P. Danielle came to understand the importance of the foundation of missions being the love of God towards people and membership care becoming a natural element of mission work.

Through many table discussions and talks, the issue that seemed the root of all the topics was a need to have deeper love and care. The issues of women a part of the Christian history and missions and native missionary care should come more naturally as we live out the Gospel in life and show genuine care for those as members of the great body of Christ.

Just as Apostle Paul, wrote many letters blessings, greeting, and exhorting the Gentile Christians and many women in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit with great love; as mission work is done, it must not be forgotten that the essential to all works in love towards God and sharing in that love with others. After the discussions, P. Danielle went together with other participants to see the sights of Chiang Mai. Through this time, she was able to meet many more WEA members, fellowship and gather contacts and connections. Please continue to pray for her and that God would use her in advancing His Kingdom through Youth Evangelical Fellowship.