YEF Africa January Report

As January has come to an end and February begins, Youth Evangelical Fellowship shares their reflection and overall report of the month. Firstly, the fellowship is giving thanks to God for His grace despite their insufficiencies and weaknesses. The leaders especially repent for moving too slowly and losing focus easily. In the new month of January, they have determined to renew their faith and carry out the great commission with a wider heart of love.

This past month, the YEF Africa leaders improved in their prayer and Bible Reading time. The YEF Kenya Leader, Christine especially has been very active in the Africa Bible Reading group. The leaders hope to continue to improve on this in the new month of February. Additionally, the fellowship registered their first member from Cameroon in January by the grace of God. They also saw great breakthroughs in online evangelism, particularly in West Africa with over 100 contacts being received through social media ads. There has also been a major focus on uniting the members and having more concern for their spiritual health. A lot of ideas and plans have been made which they hope to implement in the new month. The fellowship also received a huge number of potential contacts through online evangelism and will work on getting the students placed in Bible studies. At the end of January, no new students or Committed Members had been set up.

The fellowship deeply repents for not fulfilling their set goals before the Lord and not relying on the Lord completely. Minister Anu shared,Β “This month I feel I was too slow and easily losing focus and becoming distracted. I failed to continue to rely on the Lord and to trust him with all my faults and weaknesses. I believe I could have done more if I was more awake and if I remembered to do everything in love. I repent for the lost time and hope to recover the time well through the power of the Holy Spirit. In February, I want to pray more honestly with God and not try to solve all my problems by myself, I also want to build better self-discipline so I want to start a 40-day walk this month.”

Please pray that YEF Africa can recover the lost time well and have a deeper heart of love for God and His children.