YEF Myanmar Continues to Grow with More Students Committing to Bible Studies

The YEF Myanmar chapter is growing with more students committing to Bible studies. The chapter leader, Bro. Samuel, has been passionately evangelizing with the other members of the chapter, and a new student, Sharon Htun, has recently decided to join the on-site Bible study sessions every Saturday and Sunday evening.

Though a recently established chapter, YEF Myanmar has continued to grow with more students. Another example of this is high school student, Khaine Win, who is another recently committed to Bible studies. Khaine, who is 19 years old, recently took a final exam and his results will be released in the first week of June. Now that he has more free time, he and Bro. Samuel have decided to meet every Thursday for on-site Bible study sessions.

Brother Nyein Chan also decided to join in studies. He is a university student of philosophy in his final year of his undergraduate program.

The students of the YEF Myanmar chapter have been learning about the Bible and evangelizing with other members and students. They have been meeting up regularly and sharing and fellowshipping with one another. They have also been learning how to answer questions from those who are curious about Christianity and the Bible.