YEF HQ Concludes Easter Retreat With Fruit and Thanks to God

By God’s grace, YEF HQ was able to conclude the retreat in gathering together and meditating on the meaning of the cross and the importance of the resurrection. They greeted Easter with thanks to God for His cross and the resurrection. The sermon given gave them the understanding that they needed to deeply understand the cross in order to enter into the resurrection and Pentecost soon after. After this the participants meditated on the grace, they received throughout the entirety of the retreat through a time of sharing and reflection writing. Β 

One member, Benjamin Kim, shared his meditation from the retreat, “The Lord showed us that there is life beyond death, opening up a way for us to experience it through His suffering and death. When we understand this eternal torment that we are freed from, we can truly understand the path of redemption. I regret that I couldn’t deepen my faith by meditating on the cross. When I look at myself, I can see the weakness that surrounds me and how insufficient I am to walk this path to follow the victor Christ. I hope that I can really grasp Jesus’ love to the fullest so that I can connect with God’s heart.”

A newer student Adeen shared, “I had the pleasure to attend all three days of the Easter Retreat. I was impressed with the sermons preached on all three days of it, but also the prayer and meditation where I heard people speak in tongues for the first time. It was amazing to hear. Not only that, it was amazing to have to interact with other believers that wish to grow closer to God. It is commendable for us to fulfill God’s will for our lives.”

Brother Matthew having recently lost his dad to cancer shared his grace, “Though a couldn’t join the whole retreat, I’m really thankful to have joined this closing service. Personally, this has been one of the most difficult times in my life. This retreat and the message really emphasized life after death, that there’s more than just death and I really clung to this. It comes as such a comfort. I’m also so grateful for you all during this time and for being there for me.”