YEF SEA Gives Thanks to God For Completion of YEF Jakarta Onsite Training

Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Southeast Asia (SEA) gives thanks to God for the full completion of YEF Jakarta onsite training held in Singapore, where Leader Cindy Tedjo has safely returned to Jakarta after two weeks. This training was organized with Olivet Assembly of Southeast Asia under the GO! SEA Mission Training Programme.

For two weeks of training, Leader Cindy was led through the following training with abundant grace received:

Onsite Evangelism

Onsite evangelism was conducted daily at the National University of Singapore (NUS) campus, where Leader Cindy had her first-time experience of onsite evangelism to approach the students and to share the gospel with the students. Out of her two weeks of onsite evangelism, she received two native contacts and also had much grace in reaching out to the students. Some advice was also given on how to adapt the onsite evangelism to Indonesia with Singapore Church leaders sharing with her their personal experiences in evangelizing in various countries.

Online Evangelism

Online evangelism training was given to develop Facebook and Instagram pages of YEF Jakarta. A run-through of all possible metrics and tools to better conduct online evangelism was given, and Leader Cindy was led through different examples of online evangelism advertisements and posts to more effectively boost audience viewership.

Bible Teacher & Shepherding:

Leader Cindy participated in a total of 5 bible studies with Singapore students, where she led one bible study online with a native NUS Brother Jed whom she evangelized on campus. A practice preaching session was also held prior to the bible studies where Leader Cindy had a chance to practice teaching Romans in English for the first time. Through each bible study held either online or onsite, there was explanation and guidance given on the basic bible study attitude expected and how to prepare for the bible studies.

Though Brother Jed eventually decided not to continue bible studies, it was still a fruitful experience for Leader Cindy to try teaching and shepherding. The shepherding of YEF Jakarta students were also discussed more during her time in Singapore where guidance was given on how to raise the Registered Chapter Members (RCM) such that they can be raised to be Committed Members (CM) at the soonest. It was highlighted they should be actively given bible studies to finish the Romans 16 curriculum at the soonest.

Spiritual Standards & Reporting for Leader:

A short workshop was also given for Leader Cindy on the basic spiritual standards as well as on writing reporting to the Southeast Asia HQ.

In concluding the training, YEF SEA gives thanks to God for leading Leader Cindy through the training and will continue to pray for God’s grace to be upon YEF Jakarta for greater developments by His grace.