Youth Evangelical Fellowship Africa Growing Southern Region Through Bible Studies and Counseling

Youth Evangelical Fellowship Africa was able to stably resume Bible studies with students from the Africa southern region. As the southern region has been a bit weak, the fellowship hoped to strengthen and unite the students there.

Last Wednesday, Minister Anu met with the Malawian and Southern African students for a Bible study. They studied and concluded Romans 5 and also prayed shortly together. Minister Anu also had a brief counseling session with South Africa member Thakgafatso to discuss her role as a volunteer. Minister Anu will also meet with her one more time to discuss what she can do and have her start as soon as possible.

Later on, in the week, two Botswana students Gosego and Groata connected by an African church pastor also began joining the weekly Bible studies. Although they experienced some network issues, they are determined to continue to attend Bible studies regularly. Minister Anu hopes to meet with them this week to share more about the fellowship and mission.

For the members from Zambia, Minister Anu has been communicating with them individually and inviting them to not only be more active but to attend the Zambia retreat in person. Although no feedback has been received yet, the fellowship is praying for the student’s heart to be moved by the grace of God.

Please continue to pray for the Southern African students!