YEF International Plans to Hold Big Gatherings Looking Towards Revival

As many chapters around the world are beginning to pray and seek God in this time building up to Pentecost, YEF International is also planning to push even more for breakthroughs in bringing many students to be saved at this time. Chapters will continue to evangelize diligently in hopes of setting up members and future leaders as soon as possible.

YEF hopes to focus intently on local evangelism for the benefit of raising up future missionaries and staff at the HQ in Orlando, FL. They also plan to focus on international evangelism raising up new chapters and leaders around the world for the kingdom of God. During this time, they will spend 50 days in prayer focusing strongly on meeting these goals and evangelizing masses of people.

It has been proven that through gatherings and retreats, many members are able to see the wider scope of the church/fellowship and come to commit themselves to walk on the same path. YEF hopes that with this gathering many students can come to walk together toward the kingdom of God.

Now, as everyone has been able to witness, is the time for a revival. It is a time for the Holy Spirit to move as He did when the disciples were all gathered in one place in the book of Acts.