Day 1: YEF Jakarta Three RCMs Begins Intensive Membership Training With Deep Word

Arriving for the first time to the Olivet Centre of Southeast Asia (SEA) on April 24, 2023, Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Jakarta has joyfully sent the first three Registered Chapter Members (RCM) to the membership training held from April 25-30, 2023.

Sister Lia, Sister Evelyne, and Sister Anita, have started their training from April 25, 2023, with abundant grace received through meditating deeply upon the lectures of Ancestors of Faith. Meditating deeply upon the first lecture on the faith of Abraham, the native sisters shared their reflections.

Sister Lia shared, “I am so grateful for the first lecture. I felt so many things that made my heart stronger. My identity is not based on my family, culture, or people, but when I realized that I was chosen. God chose me not because I am qualified, not about my ability, but because he loves me. Now I don’t worry about the bad image that my family gives me. I have a purpose in Christ and he wants me to walk by faith.

Abraham is a brave person, going to another place. Not a specific place, but he obeys. How can he do that? I challenge myself to live like that. Sometimes I want to make my family proud and make my people happy to see me. But right now, in my deepest heart, I just want to make God proud of our relationship.

I don’t know what I want to do, but one thing is that I know that God still loves me and He wants me to love God more than anything. My relationship with God are more important than other relationships. Right now I need to learn to talk and think carefully. Learn whatever God wants me to learn. That’s faith. I have faith in God.” 

Sister Anita shared her reflection, “From Abraham, I learned about how to find my identity, that I am God’s choice just like Abraham, but sometimes my faith is shaken because of family conditions that make me not dare to step like Abraham. But from Abraham, I learned how to respond when my family hinders my desire to serve God.” 

Sister Evelyne shared her reflection, “Learn from Abraham. He confidently believed that he is the father of all nations (Romans 4:18-20). He was pure, willing to sacrifice, and obedient to God. Regardless of his background, God used him wonderfully and is known to this day. I lack faith, still full of consideration to decide everything, especially leaving my family, from Abraham I learned that faith must step up, to be real and proven. He knew his priority, which was to please God. I want to learn from Abraham’s faith, even though there is no basis for hope and trust, he believed until the end of his life.” 

Thank God for the overflowing grace and mercy in these lectures delivered. May God continually guide and bless the greater overflowing of God’s grace to lead the native sisters to deeply see God’s Kingdom and to know Jesus Christ’s, self-emptying love.