DAY 2: YEF Jakarta RCMs Greatly Challenged to Follow Faith of Ancestors

Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Jakarta Registered Chapter Members (RCM) continued to study and complete the Bible study series on the Ancestors of Faith with abundant grace, deeply meditating, and being challenged to follow God by trusting Him for their lives.

Sister Lia Junita shared her reflection,ย “Such a day of blessing, I see a new perspective from the story of Esau and Jacob. God renewed my thoughts to have persistent faith like Jacob. Before I learned this topic, I didn’t understand why Jacob was very serious about blessing for the firstborn. That reminds me to have faith like Jacob, persistent faith in every day. Blessing can go or move to another person. That’s why I need to be thirsty and hungry for blessings. Blessing comes from suffering and difficult things. When it’s too hard, I just need to think that’s a blessing after this situation. I am a child of God and chosen by God, and it’s blessed. And now I must share the gospel to give other people the blessing to be a son/ daughter of God. Don’t be so arrogant Lia, hold everything. People need blessings from God, and my job to tell them. No matter how difficult life is, I want to learn how to persist in faith. Please help me, Lord.”

Sister Anita Krisdayanti shared her reflection, “Learning from Jacob where God blessed him in the next steps of his life, Jacob really kept his vow. He proved to have bound himself to the covenant between God and himself. What about me? Have I responded to every promise of God when I hear the Word of God? Jesus died for me, and His blood sealed the new covenant upon me, so my faith must be accompanied by acts of faith. Just as Jacob responded appropriately to God’s promises, so should I. Believe in His promises and carry out God’s commands over my life, for this should be my faith response to God.”ย 

Sister Evelyne Ester shared,ย “We are reminded again of Abraham, who today talks about his faith being tested by God, to sacrifice his only son. If I were in his shoes I probably wouldn’t, because he was my only son. But Abraham was obedient, he offered his son, and God helped him by providing a sheep from the bush. I learned, from Abraham’s faith, to remain obedient to God, even if I have to give up something precious. Because I am a child of God.”

Thank God for the abundant grace poured out upon the native sisters. May God continually guide and bless them to become the ones to take up their path of faith seriously for God’s Kingdom with absolute trust in God’s promises.