The Power of YEF Africa Evangelism Marathon Pre-Awakening: Uniting Christians Across Africa

By the grace of God, Youth Evangelical Fellowship Africa has already begun emphasizing and focusing on on-campus evangelism amongst the chapters and members. With the Evangelism marathon to commence officially on Monday, April 24th 2023, the fellowship has already begun laying the groundwork.

YEF Nigeria began the marathon this weekend with Volunteer Member John and Minister Anu evangelizing at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) together for one hour. Minister Anu also evangelized on campus for one and a half hours on her own. This weekend, they received a total of 16 contacts and hope that these students can begin attending Bible studies as soon as possible. YEF Kenya also continued evangelism on campus, with a total of 4 hours this week and received nineteen contacts. The chapter hopes to continue evangelism and is inquiring about registering YEF on campus.

So far, nine members have confirmed their participation in the evangelism marathon. From Nigeria, Members John, Adeniyi and Ama will participate with John focusing on UNILAG Evangelism for one hour every day and the other two will try online evangelism. From Zambia, members Anthony and Gertrude will participate but have not yet confirmed if it will be online or onsite. Brother Benson will also join focusing on on-site evangelism. Students Tiwonge and Mwayi were very enthusiastic about participating and Tiwonge will be evangelizing at her University. She plans to hand out YEF flyers to students and post them on campus. From South Africa, Thakgafatso will participate in campus evangelism and is determined to try to evangelize for one hour daily on campus.

A reporting sheet was also made for the members and chapter leaders to keep track of their daily progress and also to gather all the contacts acquired and follow up with them. The YEF Africa Leader held a short meeting with the participants to explain the importance of evangelism, show them how to use the sheet to report, and also give some tips, particularly for online evangelism.

Please pray for YEF Africa to be used as a powerful tool for Africa missions. As they sow the seeds of the Gospel this Pentecost season, may the Lord help them to bear abundant fruit.