Olivet Leadership Institute SEA Training 2023: YEF SEA Leaders Share Reflections on Acts Lectures

Teeming with God’s gracious grace, Youth Evangelical Fellowship (YEF) Southeast Asia (SEA) leaders reflected deeply upon the precious lectures on Acts in Day 2 of OLI SEA training where they studied on their sin of killing Jesus Christ and repented deeply with hearts to become God’s Holy vessels of Holy Spirit.

ย YEF Laos Leader Phengsy Xiong reflected upon the lecture on Acts 3:1-10 which was delivered by Intern Pastor Hanna Gilbas,ย “Commenting on the early church, I saw that even these disciples did not have money and did not have anything, but through their faith, God brought many people to this church. By faith, there was a poor man who was begging in the temple. He came to ask for money from the disciples Peter and John, even though they had no money, but by faith, what they had was the name of Jesus. They didn’t say that they had no money and nothing. With this kind of belief, they say, look at me. Therefore, there is a feeling that occurs in me that even we have nothing in this world, this Word let us know that God will help us. We have nothing, but we have God. If there is God, then there is everything. Like today’s world, society is full of modern times, but this belief has not changed at all. Thank God for still loving us so much.”

With grateful hearts for Jesus Christ’s salvation and the deep love and mercy of God for giving His son, the leaders seek to grow deeper in faith through the Word, and become ignited through Holy Spirit and unity in prayer during this time of OLI SEA training. May God continue to lead the leaders to grow deeper and the Word take root in their hearts.