YEF Africa Sets Up Faith and Chooses Mission Center, Begins Negotiations

By the grace of God, after searching, praying, and discussing with Youth Evangelical Fellowship Headquarters. YEF Africa prayerfully chose one of the spaces they looked at this week to be the YEF Africa mission center.

The building is about a 2-5 minute walk from the University of Lagos main gate and is surrounded by many popular landmarks known by students. Furthermore, the style of the space is a shopping complex, with the whole floor with three rooms being available for rent. The space has the best potential to be utilized as both a hall and office for potential leaders to be raised and trained, and it is big enough to accommodate many people. It was by chance they found the space as it was not one of the options they were initially interested in. When headed back, Minister Anu and John saw a to-let sign with a phone number and decided to give it a try. Thankfully, the landlady was around and they were able to view the space.

On Wednesday, June 7th, the Youth Evangelical Fellowship Africa Leader spoke with the landlady of the place to solidify their interest. She also shared more about the fellowship and asked for payment plan options or if an initial deposit can be made. Although the landlady did not agree to the payment plan, she promised to hold down the space until the end of the week.

YEF Africa is prayerfully fundraising, crying out, and seeking to be able to secure the space by the end of the week. They desperately do not want to miss this historic chance and want to set up a place overflowing with the Holy Spirit and the love of God where the youth of Africa can grow and spread the Gospel.

Thank God for His grace and favor so far, please pray together with the YEF Africa leaders and members to not miss this precious opportunity. And please pray has other important things, such as internet, chairs, tables, etc. are needed in order to furnish this blessed place.