YEF Romania Continues Evangelism with Persistent Heart

In order to find the lost souls, YEF Romania dedicated themselves to the cause of evangelism. The organization used consecutive days of the month to spread God’s Word throughout the nearby cities.

Sister Ilnica of YEF Romania, shared her reflection on the time of evangelism the organization experienced. Her thoughts were that “Even though the evangelism time was short, I got to speak with more people than I thought I would. I hope that God will work in their hearts and will awaken more and more people here in Bucharest and all over Romania.”

This was indeed something to be grateful for, as YEF Romania was able to reach more people and spread the message of God’s love than anticipated.

The work of YEF Romania is greatly appreciated. Moving forward, the wish is to continue to come into contact with people who have a hunger for learning the truth about Jesus Christ. It is our responsibility, as Jesus-followers, to join in YEF Romania’s mission and to earnestly pray for the many lost souls they are trying to touch. We must fervently pray for the Lord’s intervention and provision, so that He may guide and provide for our brothers and sisters in Romania.

As we stand in unity with YEF Romania, let us also seek the Lord and ask Him to bring revival into our own lives. May we never lose our desire to seek and to find the lost and turn them to new life in Christ.