YEFK Konkuk University Pioneering Tour

The Youth Evangelical Fellowship Korea (YEFK) recently led a mission initiative of pioneering 12 branches across the country. On the 9th, they toured Konkuk University as part of this effort. Konkuk University is located in the Gangnam district of Seoul and is one of the leading private universities situated in Seoul and Chungju. The university is a national leader in agricultural and life science research, and has been called the “fastest growing university in Korea” and is well known for its natural environment. With its tranquil lake and lush green area, Konkuk University served as the perfect site for the Christian organization to pioneer their mission.

During the event, YEFK collaborated with AM Korea and Veritas Society. The three groups held a joint evangelism rally on Konkuk University’s campus. A minister who participated in the rally exclaimed, “Thank you for coming to the beautiful Konkuk University to evangelize. We are filled with joy as we preach the gospel on campus. We believe that this fire will grow bigger and achieve the revival of the campus.”