YEF Africa Gives Thanks to God for OLI Africa Attendance

The Youth Evangelical Fellowship Africa Leader, Minister Anu Samuel was blessed to be able to attend the Olivet Leadership Institute (OLI) of Africa held in Rwanda.

Despite facing some challenges at the Nigeria airport, Minister Anu was able to depart and safely arrive at Kigali, Rwanda where she was welcomed by a local leader. During this period, she had the opportunity to meet the new members and leaders set up in East Africa, from countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia and Tanzania. She also met a lot of the Chinese missionaries and Pastor Jane of Kenya for the first time. Although the time spent with them was short, the fellowship was very sweet with the members and leaders. Additionally, YEF Africa was also able to unite in person with the YEF Kenya Leader, Sister Christine.

Minister Anu was also able to partake in the activities of the training such as the sports outing, morning service, prayer meeting and Bible studies. She was given the great honour of giving the opening service and the final two Bible studies on Galatians 5 and 6 before departing back to Nigeria to focus on the YEF Center. Minister Anu shares a short reflection below:

“I was overjoyed to be able to attend the Rwanda OLI, for one thing, since coming back to Nigeria, I have not been able to join any big gatherings of members and leaders, and second, I was eager to meet the new African leaders. I was touched by how much love I received while in Rwanda from both the missionaries and members. I was also very happy to talk and fellowship with the YEF Kenya leader, it made me realize how important it is to meet in person. I felt like I knew everyone personally even though we did not spend a long time together. I was greatly encouraged by the growth of native leaders in the African continent. It was also great to dance for Praise and worship together! I haven’t been able to do that for so many years now. I was touched by the camaraderie of the members and their passion for preaching the Gospel. I pray that I can meet with the members more often and that mission in West Africa can grow like this also. It was amazing to see them alight with the bright light of the Gospel, I pray the new leaders and members continue to grow and spread this great commission to all of Africa. It was a healing and restful time for me, and a big reminder that though I may be physically alone, I am never alone. Amen.”