YEF NA Orlando Students Meditate on Wednesday Service Message Remembering, “Surely I was sinful even in my mother’s womb”

After the Wednesday Service Message, YEF NA met with students from YEF Orlando to continue meditating on the word of God and the message that was given by Pastor Danielle for YEF HQ Chapel service. This was a time when they could reflect upon the Psalm of David (Psalm 51) which shows the image of sinful man. David was one who God loved but also made mistakes of sinning against not only others such as Bathsheba and her husband but also God.

They all came to meditate on the root of their deep sinfulness and prayed for repentance and that they can be the ones who are always changing and being renewed in God. Brother Asa asked for prayers for his pride so that he can lay down his plans and thoughts in order that he follow the way of God. Brother Matthew prayed for him to also follow the plan of God in reaching people through evangelism.

YEF NA hopes to encourage this kind of meditation for all chapters nationally so that every service and grace that they receive can be kept and not lost throughout the day or the rest of the week. Please pray that each brother can continue to meditate on the grace they received and continue to receive more grace from above.