YEF NA Weekend Full of Evangelism and Fellowship for YEF Orlando; Thoughts on How to Implement this Nationally and Across the Continent

YEF NA was able to reflect upon this weekend with YEF Orlando members to think of how this model of fellowship and Christian culture can be used for all chapters around North America. This weekend Brother’s Asa and Matthew participated in onsite evangelism with the hopes of finding good students to learn the word of God.

They also fellowshipped together by cooking and eating dinner together, as well as preparing for Sunday Service meal for fellowship the following day. It is through these activities that they are able to open their hearts more and be changed. It also allows them to get a sense of how this church community is and share the love through fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

YEF NA wants to create this heart among all the chapters around the world. One thing that would help would be setting up mission centers in those areas near the campus. In this way, the students can grow to create a Christian culture of gathering for weekly services, prayer, cooking together and keeping each other accountable.

Please pray that YEF NA can continue to use YEF Orlando as an example chapter for chapters around the continent. And that more students around North America can be found and come to serve God.